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A nonparametric Bayesian approach is proposed to estimate an integrated travel demand model of work duration and commute mode. The proposed nonparametric model, a generalized additive Gaussian process model, precludes the need to prespecify a functional form. The additive structure of the model enables computational tractability in high dimensions of covariates. Bayesian estimation was adopted for inference to quantify uncertainty using probability distributions.
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  • An Integrated Travel Demand Model of Work Duration and Commute-mode Choices: A Flexible Modeling Approach

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This study proposed a Bayesian nonparametric framework to capture implicitly hidden structure in time-series having limited data. The proposed framework, a Gaussian process with a spectral mixture kernel, was applied to time-series process for insider-threat detection. The proposed framework addresses two current challenges when analyzing quite noisy time-series having limited data whereby the time series are visualized for noticeable structure such as periodicity, growing or decreasing trends and hard coding them into pre-specified functional forms.



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Bayesian optimization provides a principled approach to automate hyperparameter tuning.

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Currently, there’s growing research interest in integrated travel demand models.