Workflow for Managing Utility Information


Timely access to utility related information is a significant requirement for the delivery of construction projects on time and within budget. This research had two major objectives including; the proposal of a workflow process for the management of utility infrastructure and the development of several software tools to facilitate utility asset management. While previous studies have documented their workflow processes, they lack required details. This study provides details about planning; holding stakeholder meetings; creating an inventory of available data; using the right combination of software tools; incorporating national standards for Sub-surface Utility Engineering (SUE); developing a pilot project(s); data collection; database design; data conversion; implementation of a database system; and visualization tools. In addition, the management of utility infrastructure involves many business processes including reviewing and approving permits for Sub-surface Utility Engineering (SUE) companies, reviewing, storing, updating, maintaining utility survey data, and coordinating with all stakeholders in the state. The complexity of these business processes requires the use of various tools and applications including a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), a web portal, a Permit website and Feature Code Libraries for Surveyors.

Washington, DC